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Youth Self Employment Foundation (YOSEFO) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) registered in Tanzania under Societies Ordinance, 1954. The organization was found in 1996 with the objective of supporting employment generation among the youth through delivery of financial services and facilitating business and technical training services. The organization was established by individuals who had strong interest on promoting youth and women activities. Since inception, YOSEFO has worked work with deferent development partners that include African Development Foundation (ADF), KIVA, Financial Sector Deepening Trust (FSDT), Care International, Stromme Foundation, Plan International, Oiko Credit, Miche Association of Italy, Tanzania Investment Bank and Small Enterprise Loan Facility 

In 2002, YOSEFO got a pro-poor innovative award from CGAP. In 2007 YOSEFO partnered with Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) in providing support through micro credit and business training to communities adjacent Northern Udzungwa mountain ranges and Amani Forest reserve. In 2012/2013 YOSEFO partnered with Kilombero Plantation Company and USAID funded Nafaka to provide both business/entrepreneurship training to smallholder farmers in Mngeta Village.


In 2012 the Registered Trustees of YOSEFO made a strategic decision to transform it into a deposit taking Microfinance Institutions.  MFIs in Tanzania that went through a similar route include Vision Fund, FINCA and PRIDE.  Transformation is a costly exercise hence YOSEFO had to look for Funding. In July 2012, Financial Sector Deepening Trust Fund approved US$ 1.6 million for capacity building that included funding the transformation process. The transformation process included upgrading of MIS system, staff training and upgrading three branches to the level acceptable by Bank of Tanzania.  The transformation approach included the establishment of a separate company for the financial services delivery activity.  A new company, Yetu Microfinance PLC was established with YOSEFO as major shareholder while other shareholders included employees and founder Trustees of YOSEFO.



Design and implement sustainable program that stimulate participation of youth and women development and be a lead catalyst in self-employment and the war against poverty and discrimination of any type.


Our mission is to promote rural and urban development by assisting youth and women including disabled by simplifying means of deploying available opportunities in maximizing profit, quality output and build skills of self-employment and support community initiatives